Azure School

Azure School community tools

Being a community-driven and community-based learning platform, we will be offering a handful of Azure School community tools to both our registered students and the wider public.

Blog and podcast

As part of Azure School community tools, the Azure School blog and Azure School podcast will be hosting posts of the following categories:

  1. Architecture and scripting hub
  2. How-to KB articles
  3. Azure School educational content, including general cloud computing courses, certification exam preparatory courses, certification exam practice tests and certification exam study guides
  4. Azure news
  5. Azure School community news
  6. Interviews and discussions with cloud computing industry recognized leaders

Social media-enabled community platform

Azure School will be a community-driven learning management platform which will allow for interactions and discussions among its registered students. Azure School will also e creating content in all its traditional social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) as well as in all public video sharing platforms (Youtube, Vimeo, Rumble, Odysee, Brighteon, Bitchute).

Extending upon the traditional social media accounts, we will be actively present in the next generation social media platforms which adopt virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality software. These platforms include Second Life, Facebook Oculus, Earth 2 and Microsoft Mesh.


All our documentation, templates, training labs and other educational content will be available for our registered students via the Azure School learning platform. We will also be submitting free content to our Github page and our ReadTheDocs page.

Furthermore, we are planning on publishing the Azure School magazine once a month, which will include all news around Azure, Microsoft 365, Powershell and Power Platform as well as all Azure School. community news.

Getting in touch

You can contact us with feedback and feature requests via the following channels:

  1. Contact page and chat widget on AzureSchool.Blog. From the contact page you can also use the Calendly widget to schedule a 15-min introductory call so that we can better understand your training needs.
  2. Feedback widget on AzureSchool Blog. We take your feedback seriously. You can use the azure blue floating FEEDBACK icon on the left of the homepage to submit your feedback and feature requests as well as view our change log of services and features.
  3. Join our Facebook page and Facebook group.
  4. Join our private discussion channel in Discord (available to all) and Azure School Community Team in Microsoft Teams (for registered students only).
  5. (Coming soon) We are planning on offering free Office 365 email to all our registered students.
  6. (Coming soon) We are planning creating an open group for in-person meetups.