Azure School Technical Support Tools

Azure School technical support tools

When it comes to providing a technical and operational support for our registered users, we strive to do our best to deliver an exceptional support experience. This is why we invest in Azure School technical support tools. The following tools are the fundamentals of Azure School support but let’s not forget that the human element is at the heart of the tech support processes.

  • Our tech support website which organizes our our registered students’ requests as technical support cases. Alternatively, our registered users can make use of the tech support email support at azureschool dot tv to automatically submit a technical support case.
  • Our feedback widget, chat widget and contact page on the Azure School website offer direct communication options for our prospective students and anyone who would like to submit feedback or ask any question about Azure School. You can also use the embedded Calendly widget on the contact page to book a 15-min appointment with our training team for discussing and assessing your training needs.
  • The Azure School website will feature an integrated community portal through which students can ask questions in forums and collaborate with other students as well as direct their questions to instructors.
  • (Coming soon) The Azure School call center will be taking your phone calls in both English and Greek.
  • Azure School status page. This covers both Azure School TV, Azure School Blog and other associated tools and pages. The Azure School status page utilizes a ping status tool. The ping status tool periodically performs health checks of all Azure School components to determine their uptime and perform corrective actions if needed.

Azure School technical support tools will always be kept up to date and continually improved, so as to maintain a happy Azure School community!